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Some say I was born

on a bike....​


I think it's because cycling has always represented absolute freedom for me.  

My mom, who never learned to ride a bike herself, actually taught me to ride a hand-me-down 20" Roadmaster. Exhilarating. Blissful. The feelings that all of us avid enthusiasts share - and the reason I have never lost my passion for this industry. 

ICYCLE BICYCLES originally started out as an Arizona-based rental and touring endeavor that over time converted into a mobile bike repair operation, then developed into a distributor / marketing / product evaluation / ecommerce business, and eventually evolved into the consulting firm that it is today.

I developed an unwavering respect for the Italian bicycle form and function, and every bicycle I've owned since I was a young adult has been Italian - or equipped with Italian components. When ICYCLE BICYCLES became a US distributer, marketing specialist, and product testing and evaluation enterprise, we worked specifically for Italian boutique bicycle companies. Our goal was to collaborate with quality, impassioned, enthusiastic craftsmen who fabricated bicycles, components, clothing and accessories with the precision of days gone by. I believe these products should be owned and enjoyed by everyone.

The unique service that ICYCLE BICYCLES offers to clients is the perspective and experience  of over 50 years of working in every aspect of the bicycle industry - from mechanic, bike retailer, and racetrack developer to local and national team sponsor, governor-appointed cycling advocate, independent sales rep, product testing and evaluation expert, national sales manager and USA distributor. We truly understand riders and the industry, and we help our clients reach their strategic goals.

Please feel free to call any time. And celebrate the ride!

- Stuart

Consultant for
National and International

Bicycle Companies

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