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Stuart's Chronological De-evolution
ICYCLES BICYCLES is a consultant for national and international bicycle companies.

The 90's
Received Salesperson of the Year as Independent Rep for Girvin.
Pioneered the Proflex Bicycle brand in the Southwest and received the Top Rep Award.
Increased Vittoria's market share 70% as National Sales Manager and developed its GEAX tire brand.
Opened the Spokesman Bicycle Shop in Cave Creek, AZ.

The 80's
Appointed by Governor Rose Mofford as Cycling Advocate Rep to the Arizona Bicycle Task Force.

The 70's
It all started in 1974 with the opening of the Spokesmen Bicycle Shop in Tucson, AZ.
Developed Tucson's first BMX Race Track (Caliche Park) and BMX Racing Organization (BMXA).
Pima County Parks & Recreation requested Stuart's consultation for design of three  BMX tracks.

Consultant for
National and International

Bicycle Companies

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